Frequently Asked Questions

A Day in the Life of a DTS Student from Dan on Vimeo.

*The video above is old and does not reflect our current location or staff but it still gives some idea what to expect.

Do I need to know ASL? Yes. You must know ASL as this is not a fully bilingual school. If you are hearing and not sure of your ability, we would be happy to arrange a skype call with one of our Deaf staff to screen your ASL.

Do I need to be Deaf to do this school? No. This school is focused on reaching the Deaf Community both hearing and Deaf are accepted, however you must be fluent in ASL.

What is a DTS? The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a prerequisite for all YWAM schools and an entry-way for becoming staff anywhere in YWAM. DTS aims to prepare messengers of the Gospel, helping students to know God in depth. The goal is to form Christian character and establish Biblical relationships while developing a daily walk with God. The DTS is designed to encourage students to develop in personal character, to cultivate a living relationship with God, and to identify their unique, individual gifts and callings in God.

What does a DTS involve?  The DTS is a full-time, intensive training course that begins with 12 weeks of falling more deeply in love with Jesus through: worship, intercession, community living, studying the word and by powerful teachings from mothers and fathers of the faith! These 12 weeks are then followed by another 12 weeks of outreach where we take our revelation of the past 3 months to everyone we encounter.

What does a typical day look like in the DTS? During the Lecture Phase of the DTS here is a list of things we may do in a day. However, the schedule will vary and we will not do all of these things necessarily in one day or in this order:

Devotional/ Personal time with Jesus
Classroom setting teachings
Work Duties
Free time
Group Discussion
Bible Study
Outreach opportunities/Evangelism

Who is the DTS for? Anyone from age 18 to 99 who’s heart is young and yearns to know the Father more.

Do I have to want to be a “missionary” to do the DTS? The DTS is not just for “missionaries”. It’s for lovers of Jesus. It’s for people who want to know God more and want a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

Is the DTS full time? Yes. This is a full immersion discipleship school for maximum impact. Living together in community is part of the school and we will have a full day or sometimes night schedule.

Who does the teaching? The teaching will be by guest speakers from all over the the nation and possibly other nations too. These are mothers and fathers of the faith who have pioneered, founded, served, grown, and labored for the gospel of Christ and have intimate knowledge of the topics they teach.

Where will I live? We have housing on site as well as facilities for classes during the lecture phase here in Washington D.C.

What does it cost? The lecture phase is $3500 (includes all food, housing, school transportation, and materials). Outreach will depend upon location ($3500-$4000).

How can I raise money for the school? There are many ways to raise the required finances for your DTS. If you need help raising money, please contact us for fundraising ideas. We can also help you with writing a support letter you can send out to friends, family, pastors, businesses and other locals that explains your need and details how the aid will be used. We believe that whomever God calls he also equips. Let’s trust God together for His faithfulness in provision!

When are the finances due? The full cost for the Lecture Phase ($3500) is due upon start date of the DTS. Please contact us with any other questions regarding finances.

How do I sign up? Go to our Apply page and fill in the simple online application form. We will contact you with the next steps once we receive this application. If you have any question feel free to email us. Click on Contact Us. Fill out the form and send it in. We are excited to get to know you more!

What can I do after the DTS? The possibilities are endless. Once you have completed a DTS you are officially a “YWAM-er” (why-wham-er). This does not mean you have to continue in YWAM and become a staff. Regardless where you go, you will always have a community of believers all around the globe that you can be connected to at any time. For those who choose to go on into a career with YWAM, successful completion of the DTS qualifies them to apply for staff opportunities. Graduating from the DTS also qualifies students to go on to YWAM’s other training programs, such as those offered by YWAM’s University of the Nations. Some Christian colleges also accept credits from the DTS course.